The attack on Tapang and Bareta: The train left already, Victory is certain

Attention: The attack on Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo.

My Family and friends have brought into my notice an information posted by Bandi Kiki’s Kinnaka blog on Facebook titled ” How Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku turned the ‘STRUGGLE’ into a money making venture” with purported screenshots from Tapang Ivo. While, I thought it wise to wade it off as a big distraction to this struggle, I think the people of Southern Cameroons deserved that I, Mark Bareta immediately clear the air so that this negative energy should not consumed us as we move into our biggest 20th May Boycott. It should be noted that two other Cameroon newspaper reported on the same story. Let me state the facts and I think Southern Cameroonians can verify. I am only doing this so that Southern Cameroonians should not be distracted.

1. Mark Bareta did not join this struggle in October 2016. The struggle has been part and parcel of my genetic make up since I got into my teens.

2. All issues concerning Gofundme have been public. I have run one Gofundme account whose report was made public months back and closed. Gofundme ran by Tapang Ivo has been public and never in the dark and he too has repeatedly updated his audience as far I know.

3. I am proud of the work I did as a former interim Consortium leader and even more happier and proud of the role I am doing now as regards to this struggle. My actions as a former Consortium leader can be verified, tested and scored. All innuendos mentioned on Kinnaka’s blog are a well sponsored calculated move to smear Ivo and Mark so that we become weak and leave the struggle. THEY FAILED.

4. Now, in regards to the purported screenshots from Tapang Ivo Tanku shared by Kinnaka, I am seeing those conversations for the first time. Though the purported screenshots cannot tell us with whom Ivo is having the said discussion , let us assumed that those purported screenshots were the discussion between Mark and Ivo as Kinnaka Blog suggested. This means that such a screenshot could have come only from Mark Bareta or Tapang Ivo and no one else. I am not sure we are too dumb to share such if actually something like that took place. How did Kinnaka blog get hold of those screenshots if it is not made? Our Facebook accounts have not been compromised.

5. Let us also assume Tapang had such a conversation with another person. What stops the said individual to reveal him/herself in a bid to show accountability and truth? The said individual should come forth and say, I had this conversation with Ivo and show proof of dates he/she had etc. Why pass it through Kinnaka blog which is known for writing against this struggle from day one? Your conclusions on those screenshots are good as mine.

I want to seize this opportunity to reassure Southern Cameroonians that, as we move along this struggle, attacks from La Republique and even from Southern Cameroonians within the house shall come all in a bid to derail, suck out the energy away from us. No one said it is gonna be easy.These are things I, Mark Bareta will expect.

Thank all those who reach out to me to find out. Issues like that cannot break me, only death shall take away my zeal from this struggle. As far as I am alive, I shall defend homeland to restoration.

The struggle continues.

Mark Bareta.
From Bui County.
Southern Cameroons.

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13 thoughts on “The attack on Tapang and Bareta: The train left already, Victory is certain

  1. Malis

    You guys are leaving your share of unerasable memories of courage in desperate moments in the history of Southern Cameroonians in a way that not even God or the devil can erase.

    keep moving soldier, don’t give this article any second of your attention.

    Peace Bro.

  2. George

    Mark I follow you for a couple of months. From my point you are a very straight forward and honest person. You put so much effort in our struggle. The people recognised that. Go on.


  3. Takor, Enow

    The attackers could be agents of LRC. We should be on the look out for them; they are the enemies in our midst. The LRC regime is floundering and knows its days of occupation and annexation of Southern Cameroons are numbered; consequently, it would employ all kinds of devious tactics to hang on. It will not succeed; it has awakened a sleeping giant in the people of Southern Cameroons. Take note, all you enemies in our midst; we will flush you out and deal with you ruthlessly. If you have ears, listen to this and steer clear of our struggle, because you will not hide anywhere without detection.

  4. Anyinkeu

    God bless and keep Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo. May those who attack you fall in the pits they dig for you.

  5. Southern Cameroonians are not fools Mr. Mark. we now know and have it flowing in our blood that no amount of discouraging tactics from whom ever can change our resolve to restore our nation Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia). Mr. Mark we are with SCACUF, you, Ivo and all the well meaning persons at the forefront of this struggle.

    Keep it up

  6. Eazy e

    Why u di worry nor grang we know them.
    Good tin no di came easy we all know forget them massa.all tin na ahead ahead.
    Next time wey u see something like this wan,just go under the post do so
    “”Hahahahshahshshahahah “”
    The struggle continues

  7. John

    Mark and Ivo, you do not need to waist your time and effort responding to such vain and I ignorant post from an oppressed, brainwashed and subdued imdividual.
    Don’t forget, it is because of such mentality of mental slavery and acceptance of such status quo that we must win this battle.

  8. Mukong

    Mark and Ivo, I am very sure that when both of you embarked on this journey, you were not oblivious of the fact that there will be some who will work night and day to create doubts about the many sacrifices that you are making in this struggle. Please no matter what, I only pray that both of you should not yield to blackmail and that you will be steadfast as ever in keeping our people informed and inspired.
    Please, keep your eyes on the prize and do not let traitors make you lose sleep over innuendos.

  9. Mark and Tapang,firstly you share the same anger as most of us do,secondly you have invested alot of time both online and offline in this struggle.Lastly,your haters and confusionist cannot change your future but only enrich your biography.

  10. You guys shd give her dick to suck

  11. ahead ahead

    *The Struggle* is way bigger than Bara, Tapang, Fontem, Mancho, Tasang, Boh Herbert, Cho, Balla and worst of all the attention seeking Kiki.
    These people have taken the struggle ahead, each in his own way. *IF* these two have lost focus, and decided to be money minded, new leaders will be born, new leaders will come up. its not their fight its a Sn CMRian fight. The main reason this struggle lives is because the government can’t identify the leaders. hahhaahaha. guess why, there is no leader! its a wind of change that is blowing. well… i know they won’t stop chasing the wind. now Fru Ndi is castigated for calling on his smart supporters not to acknowledge a day with no historical significance.
    *_I wasn’t born by 1961. for those who were, pls what is it they say happened on May 20th 1961? hahahaha. yes . I heard too. NOTHING!_*
    Moses was called to liberate the Israelites, he played his part. Did he see the promise land? No.
    Did Dr. Martin Luther king ever see the first black president? Yet he had and believed his dream
    You are the consortium,
    I am the consortium,
    We are the consortium
    Let us focus our struggle on our people and not on people.
    The struggle continues!

  12. keep up sir u r doing ur job as a patriot.

  13. I know who created that screenshot. I,m going to reveal the source in a post i,m currently writing; titled Bandi Kiki of Kinnakasblog unmasked.

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