Ayah Rubbishes Judiciary,Cries Out For SCNC Member

Ayah Paul Abine, Chairman of Popular Action Party (PAP) and Cameroun Advocate General of the Supreme Court,  in his usual publications on Facebook, has dismissed the judicial body as a war zone. He had this to say. Hear him:

“..Oben Maxwell of Southern Cameroons’ National council, SCNC, was arrested in February 2014, on for reading a book written by Cuban revolutionary. By simple arithmetic, he has been in prison custody now for 29 months without a conviction.

when the Buea military tribunal found no evidence that could sustain the charge, it declined jurisdiction instead of discharging the accused. Then it curiously made an order most illegal that Oben would remain in prison custody for a year or so. An appeal against the order has been pending for some two years now because the military tribunal has illegally resisted forwarding the records of proceeding to the Court of Appeal.

In another confounded process, the case was transferred to the Buea Court of First Instance. God alone knows why the case has remained pending for some two years now. By extension, the court has kept Oben in prison custody so that even if eventually he is acquitted, he will have been punished to the pleasure of Oben’s persecutors.

Très a la Camerounaise vraiment! A land where prosecution and persecution do cohabit for better or for worse!


However, BaretaNews fails to understand what Ayah Paul in his capacity in the judiciary is doing to sort out this case. Is he as Cameroun Advocate General powerless? What is the function of an  advocate in Supreme court ? BaretaNews will be looking forward to an exclusive interview with Ayah Paul Abine-Stay tune.

God is still saying something.


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