The Beti Consortium is growing -Must be defeated.

Any body who thinks the problem will end after the ousting of Biya is a mere dreamer. The Beti consortium is growing stronger everyday. It will continue after his reign unless we revisit the drawing board and re frame the constitution.

The 1961 constitution was an agreement, and the respected clauses in the agreement has been scraped. No appointment or election will put us together. Social cohesion is earned it is not forced. I believe in a dialogue that looks at the root causes and not the consequences.

Tracing “how did we got here”(crisis) is the first step in solving this crisis. It is a constitutional Problem. Those who believe elections can fix the problem are free to do so. As for me i am out of the election hoax . we must not get along on the same boat.

Ray Timah

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8 thoughts on “The Beti Consortium is growing -Must be defeated.

  1. Well said. We can’t sail on the same boat. They had and continue showing bad faith. The only way forward is our de-annexation hence restoration of our independence and right to self-determination. Every true Ambazonian knows that. Biya continued treating us like Ahidjo and even when he is gone, the next will do the same. We Ambazonians are very different from and have a different history from Cameroonians: we are not and have never been one. U could check out A Comprehensive History of Ambazonia on Amazon for a better understanding of our history.


    Really Well said! but ambazonians got to agree on what they want. federatyion or restoration. Cuz this is what is creating many divions amongst us, plus the divide and rule used by LRC

  3. Malis

    Our fight is not for democracy. liberty, freedom, multiculturalism, bilingualism, federation, independence, restoration, to vote, to belong, to be accepted, for Biya to go, or to kill all the Betis or Ewondos or what so ever.

    I have never seen, touch, smell, taste, hear democracy. liberty, freedom, multiculturalism, bilingualism, federation, independence. They are all illusions to me. What use, what good dose all these mental construct have when one has no land under their feet that is theirs and have total authority over?

    Our struggle is for one and only one thing, our motherland called Southern Cameroon, that’s it, nothing else.

    Once we have it,
    those who want federation can bake it,
    those who want independence can cook it,
    those who want liberty, democracy, … can create it and give it to themselves.
    those who want to be bilingual can learn even all the languages in the universe,
    those who want to belong to LRC simply cross river Mongo,
    those who want to fight the Betis and Ewondos can go kill them all,
    those who like only the AGC or Consurtium, SCNC, or … can love them to death,

    Humanity has lost it mind. How did we get to this point that we need all these to live.

    1. I don’t quite get the point u are making. However, one thing u need to know which is the main reason why Cameroon was allowed to annex us was because it and France claimed they wanted to unite the Cameroons which is historically fake because Ambazonia (Ambas Bay and its hinterlands) with the colonial slave name Southern Cameroons, existed from 1858 till 1887 when it was ceded to German Kamerun for only 29 years. So from 1858 to 1961, we had been independent from them for more than 70 years. Now, we can only get our homeland by uniting under one banner and fighting for our de-annexation and hence our right to self-determination in our own motherland. We are fighting for de-annexation and restoration of our independence and sovereignty that has been stolen from us by Cameroon. One reason why we need to use Ambazonia in place of the slave name Southern Cameroons is because it implies that we are a subpart of Cameroon but which we are not. So let’s use our common sense and not accept the mental slavery of Cameroon and its lawless Biya regime.

  4. Sunshine

    We West of the River Mungo should Use the Name Ambasonia. Please, stop using the name Southern Cameroon. Ambasonia is the name of our country and we are Ambasonians. We should tell everyone, everywhere that we are Ambasonians living or going to Ambasonia. This should hasten the Consortium to announce this to the world soon. No T-Shirts should bear the name Southern Cameroon anymore. The World needs to know our NEW NAME!

  5. Hi Mark
    I don’t not understand the point you are trying to make with your post We Ambazonians are no more part of LRC

    The idea of a Be ti state did not start today. it started since `1996 when DR Munzu Prof Ayangwe and Barrister Ekontang Elad were pushing for a federation and prof Joseph Owona who was then Chairman of the Drafting committee vowed to them that federalism that Federalism will never again be a used as a structure of government When the trio told Owona that the next generation of Anglophones will not talk of federalism but of restoration. Owona mockingly told them that there will be Beti /Fang state Since then Owona and Monondjana have been conceiving the Beti state with head quarters in Ebolowa
    I see nothing wrong if tomorrow the Bami,eke’s want their own state and why not the North
    Accepting to stay with L R C will be a monumental error and a lack of foresight on our part after all the dishonesty native arrogance torture and violence they have meted upon us after all these years

  6. i am beging for dialogue cameroon is our country we need to love one another.thank both of all

  7. Takor, Enow

    Where has this brother Ray Timah been? He is behind the curve. Wake up, bro!

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