Bishop Balla Was Assassinated- Post Mortem Results

A post-mortem examination has revealed that Bishop Jean Marie Benoît Bala was assassinated and thrown into the river less than 4 hours before the discovery of his body. The college of doctors who carried out the autopsy consisted of two associate professors of medicine, three medical practitioners including one appointed by the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon due to pressure from Archbishop Kleda of the Douala Diocese. Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that the process lasted a little less than 4 hours.

According to the findings of the autopsy published in a confidential document “The body removed from the river Sanaga had a stiffened arm, folded on its abdomen indicating that Bishop Balla was not fighting against the fury of the waters. Bishop Bala was tortured and brutally murdered.” The medics also stated that there was inflammation of the Bishop’s genitals (a bit like someone who would have undergone an electrocution) and above all his lungs contained no drop of water.

One of the autopsy team members said a drowned man would have remained at the bottom of the water. The state of the body also allowed the specialists to conclude that it had spent a little less than 4 hours in the waters. A judicial inquiry for suspicious death has been opened by the Attorney General at the Court of Appeal in the Center region.


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2 thoughts on “Bishop Balla Was Assassinated- Post Mortem Results

  1. Malis

    This is so sad, very, very sad.

    These demonic maggots hiding everywhere in Cameroon shall all be expose. Your days are counted, nothing you do is going to scare us, nothing you do is going to stop us.

    We are going to start filming all your evil you do everywhere, in our churches, schools, hotels, everywhere … and posting these online for the whole world to see.

    You are not going to scare us with this evil. May those who ordered and those who did this evil suffer a very slow and horrible painful death.

  2. Takor, Enow

    Who assassinated Bishop Balla. if not the demonic regime of the diaper wearing evil doer, Paul Biya?

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