Cameroun Soldiers Seeking Asylum in USA- Patrick Nouma Reveals.

About thirty Cameroonian soldiers led by Colonel Martin Claude Owona are currently on military training in the USA.According to Patrice Mouna they arrived the LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE , located in the desert in San Antonio in Texas.

The Cameroonian military group is led by Colonel Martin Claude Owona who was sacked by the presidential decree of Paul Biya of May 12, 2015 from his position of commander of the Air base 101 of the joint military region number 1.He was fired after just two months of service in that capacity for diverting donations offered by economic operators and Cameroonians to support the troops in the extreme north current fighting the against the Islamic sect Boko Haram.

According to the Colonel Owona, the 30 Cameroonian soldiers who are expected to be in San Antonio for a six (6) months training do not have any money to cover their mission expenses.

They couldn’t help it immediately  they realized that Biya’s henchmen had defrauded and hijacked their money and many of them have decided to seek asylum in the United States, Patrick Nouma informs.

A few days ago,a contingent of Cameroonian soldiers of the multinational task force against Boko Haram came back from mission without their bonuses which had been stolen by their bosses during the 25 months of their mission. Those who dare to protest their rights are either thrown into prison or murdered.

At the moment, there is panic at every level within the Cameroonian army. Some soldiers have either fled to join armed robbers with their weapons, or they join internal terrorist groups owned by Biya arresting persons who defy the regime . Others have fled to the north, with the hope of migrating to Europe. But most end up being recruited by terrorists in Libya, or sole as slaves to Arab countries. Many who venture the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea, die.

In making this information public, Patrice Nouma says” We appeal to the United States to immediately halt all military and financial aid to the Biya regime. This aid is useless and the majority of Cameroonian military can confirm it. If Cameroon is not freed from the hands of Biya and his corrupt old officers, businessmen and thieves who surround and protect him as soon as possible, the country could sink into a bloodbath”.

By Anja Terence

Culled from Alafnet

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    LRC – A sinking ship with a confused captain. Things falling apart!! The collapse of Biyaism in LRC had been declared since Oct 2016, therefore events affirming such declaration are unfolding. YES!! But the “Final Storm” still yet to come, oooh, it’s not far away……

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