The Conditional Release Of Southern Cameroonians Shall Be Rejected

The Conditional Release of Our People.

Good Morning Southern Cameroonians

Since November 2016, many of our husbands, brothers, friends and relatives were abducted and taken to Yaoundé jails. As a result of our collective efforts, few were released and the abductions continued when La Republique military went crazy. This saw the abduction of Balla, Fontem, Ayah, Mancho, Penn Terence and many others who were just picked up. These are not criminals . These are bonafide “Anglophones” who wanted just the best for their homeland. They wanted the best based on the aspirations of our founding fathers. Since then, these gentlemen have been locked up and freedom denied.

Yesterday, the kangaroo court in Yaoundé made certain declarations which Ashu Nyenty, CRTV Journalist revealed on radio that only Balla and Fontem shall be released because they are people with known profession, abode and well respected in the society and that certain conditions will be applied such as monitoring their movements, restricting who they visit, etc. Let me state the following:

1. All Southern Cameroonians in that jail have a known abode, profession and all are respectable gentlemen of our society. In our Anglo Saxon tradition, we treat everyone equal in the eyes of the law.

2. Our people in jail are not criminals. La Republique cannot release them conditionally on bail as if they are criminals. The people shall reject this totally. Any release must be total and unconditional

3. The belief that releasing only Balla and Fontem and allowing the rest in jail is the biggest joke of the century. Southern Cameroonians shall not accept partial release whether on bail or not. The freedom of our people must be total. It is all for nothing principle. Releasing Balla, Fontem alone and leaving even the least boy in that jail shall not be welcome. The resistance and anger will instead double. We call again the total freedom of all in jail.

4. We know that on June 7th, the higher judicial council meets with Paul Biya. It is very likely that the case will be postponed as a result of the council meeting. Be it as it may, the reported news that bail shall be granted conditionally on 7th June for few is welcome and same time unacceptable. We demand unconditional release and must be for all our people. Nothing shall change if just one or two persons are released. Let us make this very clear.

La Republique should not push the people further. We are a peaceful people yet we will not fail to employ self defense to protect ourselves and our land.

Yes, for 7 months now the struggle has been on. We are getting into the 8th month and yes, the struggle is on the right course though with hiccups which are normal for every struggle or revolution. The struggle as explained yesterday must enter the escalation phase in all respects.

We continue to remind our people not to give up, let’s join hands together to reach Buea. Every Southern Cameroonian is a foot soldier. Like we have been saying, unilateral actions are the best, don’t say it. Let your Ghost do the job and let the actions make the news.

We again remind our people to stay away from Amour Mezam travel agency. Endeavour to use other agencies. We must massively boycott this agency to show our strength as a people that you do not go against the struggle and stay without being punished.

Believe in your own self to bring change.

Thank You

Mark Bareta.

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2 thoughts on “The Conditional Release Of Southern Cameroonians Shall Be Rejected

  1. Takor, Enow

    I completely agree with you. All our people detained in those LRC’s filthy jails must be released unconditionally with dispatch, period! They are not criminals and did nothing wrong.

  2. Tih Elvis

    All agreed and the struggle continues, please can u post the web address for the assistant u want help some of us teacher on the net? thought our pockets are empty for over 5months today, I strongly believe in this fight. thanks for UA effort for informing us.

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