Emmanuel Macron Becomes France Youngest President

Emmanuel Macron Becomes France Youngest President

According to information gathered, President Emmanuel Macron at the age of 39 won by 66.06% against a 33.94% to become the youngest president in the history of France. He defeated far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. Emmanuel Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux who is 64 years of age and his former teacher.

His victory ends the decades-long dominance of the two traditional main left-wing and right-wing parties in French politics. A year ago, he was a member of the government of one of the most unpopular French presidents in history, BBC reported. Today, he changed the French political history with the ambition to renew trust and hope by guaranteeing the unity of the nation-state and Europe at large.

Reports say Emmanuel Macron won because he tried something new in France such as establishing En Marche, which reflects former President Barack Obama’s grassroots 2008 United States election campaign. Meanwhile, French citizens, French colonial countries, and the world at large look forward to Macron’s five years presidential term of office.


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3 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron Becomes France Youngest President

  1. Bennett

    May I ask if this is good or bad news to French colonies like Cameroon. Because Biya is still afraid of France. Secondly is this good or bad news to southern Cameroons?

  2. Malis

    Presidents always come and go, the system they serve stays there like a planted tree.

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