Francophone Teachers’ Syndicate: Anglophones are unpatriotic and Selfish


The president of the Research Personnel and Higher Education Teachers’ Syndicate, Hubert Mono Djana has condemned Anglophones teachers’ trade unions protesting a plan by the Minister of Higher Education, to harmonise higher education in Cameroon and rid the country of its dual education systems. To Djana, Anglophones protesting against harmonisation are simply trying to blackmail and intimidate the regime by trying to make the protest look like a demonstration of francophone hegemony.

Mono Djana in an extensive write-up published in the French language daily, Mutations, says President Biya who has been in power since 1982, has been trying to enable Cameroon come up with a national identity void of colonial heritages. He suggested that Anglophones ought to be grateful to Biya, because he scraped off ‘United’ from the name (United) Republic of Cameroon.

 Djana argued that Anglophones protecting the Anglophone system are those who want the country to remain as it were in colonial times. According to him when President Biya said “Cameroon is Cameroon” he meant Cameroon is neither French nor English but has its own identity and ways of doing things.He wondered why Anglophones are protecting the Common Law and said he does not even know which identity they are defending.Sometimes sounding as if it were the judicial system government is trying to harmonise, Ndjana questioned if there were two laws, two parliaments and penal codes in Cameroon. He also asked where a case between an Anglophone and a Francophone will be judged if the laws of the country were not harmonised.

Anglos according to him, have fallacious arguments about the sharing of the national cake. Stating that Anglophones are not even up to a third of the country’s population, have more than a third of advantages as far as the sharing of the national cake is concerned.

Ndjana wondered aloud why Anglophones want the University of Buea and that of Bamenda to be purely Anglo-Saxon when varsities in French-speaking areas do not make such discriminatory demands.Anglophones are only making demands now because of ‘black gold’ they discovered in Anglophone regions. He said.

The syndicalist also pointed out that intolerant Anglophones agitating are forgetting that they shared in the enjoyment of the resources from other regions such as bauxite, cocoa, cotton, wood etc. To him, Cameroon should not be dragged backwards by some Anglophone elite who out of bad faith cultivate vain ideologies of victimisation.


He called on his “dear Ambazonians” to admit with honesty, the present Cameroon, that of the past and that of the future; fight against the real difficulties of the country. He also regretted that citizen are fighting on the African soil to defend cultures of Shakespeare and Moliere.


It should be recalled that efforts from several independent Anglophone groupings to stop government’s plan to harmonise academic programmes in state universities reached an unprecedented level as four of such associations stepped into the fray June 3.

Weeks after Buea University chapter of the National Syndicate of Teachers of Higher Education, SYNES, the Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union, CATTU, the Union of Parents Teachers Association of Cameroon, UPTA took a strong stand against the planned harmonisation. The Executive Bureaus of the Presbyterian Authority Teachers’ Trade Union, PEATTU, the Catholic Education Teachers’ Trade Union, CETTU, the Baptist Teachers’ Trade Union, BATTU and the Teachers Association of Cameroon, TAC meeting in Bamenda added their voices to the effort.


In concluding their petition, the trade unionists argued “that all Anglophone pressure groups whether directly linked to education or not will continue to work in synergy in order to ensure that no such arbitrary, nefarious and sinister decisions with glaring insidious consequences are taken to destroy the lofty dreams that the fathers of this nation had in mind before forging the 1961 re-unification.”

By Mbom Sixtus

Culled entirely from Cameroon Journal

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2 thoughts on “Francophone Teachers’ Syndicate: Anglophones are unpatriotic and Selfish

  1. Kilanir

    Never mind. When you see a man whose next step is the grave, what do you expect. I blame but our regime in power. They don’t see beyond their nostrils.

  2. Like seriously this old francophone fulks take anglophones for backward people and I think its high time we stand up and fight for our rights and stop being insulted by this illiterate who are not even wordy to be compared with us because if not of us ,am not sure they will enjoy such benefit they do enjoy now…our politician of the old really fucked up .examples like foncha..if not of them,I think we could be better placed today.I pray our anglophone politians of today will not do that same mistake by selling us out and disappoint us in the coming elections…for that to happen, we have to be united.I am tired and I think we ate tired too of being in a blind government for more than 34years under the rule of biya…we need a young and more inspired president.. Everything our minister of communition talks now is always to thank our all his speeches ,he thanks the president more than 20 times for nothing because I see nothing changing but he is being thanked everyday. We are still in darkness..We really have a government and I think its high time power changes hands cause it is too much of damage to us already..the youths are dying of poorverty everyday .unemployment and also refusal for the old to retire.If our president in his age is still an active worker and has not yet retired then what example is he giving to other Cameroonians…please let’s stand up for our country and make things better

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