Ghost Towns Intensify During Political GCE To Mondays and Tuesdays- Consortium


Fellow Southern Cameroonians,

Here we are once more at the crossroads of our destiny; by day and by night Yaounde confirms to us what we already know but sometimes refuse stoically to acknowledge in public- that our very existence is seriously threatened. Those of you who thought that Mr. Paul Biya was about to soften and release our leaders, sons and brothers kidnapped and taken to prisons in La République du Cameroun can now begin to come to terms with the hard reality that we either fight now once and for all or we perish collectively with our eyes wide open.

We all saw the drama at the Military Tribunal in Yaounde yesterday; our own Mancho Bibixy brought to court in chains as if he was a hardened criminal, the applications for bail thrown out with no convincing argument, another long and unexplained adjournment and then the provocative and unacceptable arrest and release after 24 hours of the sons of Hon. Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine. This is too much for a people to take, we are under sustained attack and we must respond by intensifying the use of the time-tested and proven weapon we still have- peaceful resistance.

We are calling on the international community to take good note of Yaounde’s notion of dialogue; the continuous use of brute force against unarmed civilians, increased abductions and kidnappings, maiming innocent school children in order to tag the Consortium and SCACUF as terrorist organizations, the unceasing arson on our public edifices under the supervision of colonial forces stationed all over our territory as a way of depriving our people of important amenities because they have shown their resilience in obeying our ghost town calls and other forms of civil disobedience.

Non Withdrawal of Francophone Magistrates

The Higher Judicial Council of La République du Cameroun met in Yaounde yesterday and refused to withdraw the majority French speaking magistrates from our courts, rather they decided to victimize the highest ranking Southern Cameroonian Chief Justice at the Supreme Court- Hon. Ayah Paul Abine. The presence of those French speaking magistrates in our courts was one of the main reasons of the current phase of our resistance, yet government officials have been quick to initiate press outings to claim all our worries had been handled.

Again, by refusing to release our leaders, sons and brothers from colonial jails in La République du Cameroun despite calls to do so from the United Nations, the African Union and countless international nongovernmental organizations which assert unambiguously that they are not terrorists, the government of Mr Paul Biya has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubts that Cameroun does not respect any international treaties and conventions it is party to, talk less of respecting even its own laws.

Ghost Towns on Mondays & Tuesdays

The events of Wednesday the 7th of June leave us with no other option but to intensify our resistance against Yaounde in a way as to tell the world that we are going to stop at nothing short of the restoration of the independence of our fatherland- the Southern Cameroons. On those counts we have decided to up the ghost towns operations to two days for the entire period of the writing of the political GCE Examinations.

The shutdown on Monday the 12th of June has been christened the Mancho Bibixy Resistance Ghost Town while Tuesday the 13th of June is named the Ayah Paul Recognition Ghost Town. Remember to stay home, fast and pray for God’s intervention, no GCE Examinations without preparations, no street demonstrations.
God is with us!
For the Consortium,

Barrister Eyambe Elias, Deputy Secretary General

Tassang Wilfred, Programs Coordinator

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3 thoughts on “Ghost Towns Intensify During Political GCE To Mondays and Tuesdays- Consortium

  1. Dear Amazonians, with all due apologies to any one my comments might personally hurt I am strongly of the opinion that the leadership of this struggle are mostly responsible for what is holding this struggle back Too much struggle for power and recognition or may be fame, The leadership has been gripped by lethargy we once had the momentum but our lethargy has emboldened mr Biya and his cohorts and they now have taking the momentum and are leading us by the nose
    What has happened to the interim government in exile so much talked about? Ghost towns have done its part but we must move to a higher gear
    Once you appoint an interim Government The diplomatic war would just have been set in motion,Some countries would recognize us immediately and international institutions like the UNO AU COMMON WEALTH ECOWAS will be open to us
    We will have the right to have an army to defend our territory and our people LRC will no longer be able to sign contracts giving out our natural resources at give away just to have cash to purchase equipment’s to use to kill and maim our people. They will not be able to collect taxes from our territory like they are doing now. We must be seen to be frustrating LRC at every twist and turn, Make the territory more un governable for them
    Mr Biya’s wait until we are tired policy seem to be paying off

    1. Bali Nyonga

      This is a lost serious relationship to lrc. It is like a divorce and will go through all the stages of grieve – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. These stages may not appear in this order. They started with denial and later tried some bargaining by their usual meaningless presidential decrees. They appear to be doing the anger thing now. Don’t relent. We are in this to win. It is an ordained struggle. It took us 56 years to get here. Will there be feeling of dissatisfaction at some points? There will always be time one will feels that SCACUF may have done this or done that instead. They are not just sitting on their bums and sipping coffee. Believe me they lose sleep more than any of us. It helps to write thoughts like this to SCACUF than putting it here. I’m repying to you because I believe you mean good.

  2. Malis

    Ignorance and lack of patience is a very, very bad thing.

    There is a difference between
    the governed entity,
    the governing body (governing entity) and
    the Government.

    A Government is at its minimum the combination of the governed entity and a governing body (or governing entity).

    Both the governing entity and the governed entity must first be created, only then can the government be created. There is a very strict logical order that must be respected, no other way around, no fantasy, no illusions.

    A government despite been created from the other two, is purely a psychological (mental) construct.

    The governed entity is the most difficult to create and there are many ways of creating this. e.g. War, negotiation. peace, international law and so on.

    Thrust me, the last thing you want to do is create a governing body and present it to the world as government. Fools did this so many time.

    The people of Southern Cameroon will resist the evil regime in Yaounde for as long as it is necessary until all three are created. The moment these come to past, our magic will start happening.

    This is a struggle, let struggle not hurry.

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