Ideological Racism and All Lives Matter Equation

Ideological Racism and All Lives Matter Equation
Watching US Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee on CNN, he believes Martin Luther King, Jr. would be “appalled” by the Black Lives Matter movement — telling CNN that racism is “more of a sin problem than a skin problem.” During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday evening, the former Arkansas governor touted the “all lives matter” mantra and said he was troubled that the movement focuses on one ethnicity. Huckabee added that the late civil rights leader would feel the same

I disagree with Huckabee, racism is more of a skin problem than it is of sin problem and I believe if Martin Luther was alife today, he will support this movement.
Personally I think Huckabee is a confused Presidential candidate.He does not get it. Indeed, All Lives Matter. The Black Lives Matter Movement are not saying that All Lives Does Not Matter. What they are saying is that stop the injustice and indiscriminate killings of Black folks. We cannot be complaining about White Lives because it already matters. We can only complain about Black Lives which does not matter. If All Lives must matter then Black Lives, White Lives, Hispanic Lives etc must matter, once one of them is threatened, the equation is not balance. That is the idea of Black Lives Matter. We cannot start crying about White Lives when they are free and not subject to what Black people face. Mike Huckabee should shot up.
God is still saying something.

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