June Parliament Opens: SDF prepares, Osih to replace Fru Ndi?

June Parliament Opens: SDF prepares, Osih to replace Fru Ndi?


The leaders of both houses of Parliament on Sunday, 29th May releases a statement convening both houses in few days time for the June session of Parliament. There has been high hopes during the last session of Parliament that the Constitution will be amended to bring the Presidential elections earlier than scheduled. The Eden Newspaper, Monday 30th May 2016, is reporting that this 2nd June session might finally see the bill tabled. BaretaNews recalls that the need to amend the Constitution and calls for early elections has been propagated by CPDM Sycophants in a nationwide call to dictator Paul Biya to run again, a call that is yet to be heeded by Paul Biya.

Meanwhile, the SDF chieftain Ni John Fru Ndi on the 26th birthday celebrating the political life of the SDF called for the 9th convention scheduled to take place sometime in February 2017. Fru Ndi in his statement said there is a need to reorganise the party for any imminent outcome. He went further to give no details. Political pundits such has Angelbert Nde was fast to interpret the Chairman’s words to mean Fru Ndi is preparing the SDF for early elections in 2017. BaretaNews recalls that during the late Monique affair in Laquatinie Hospital, Douala, when Fru Ndi visited the family, he declared that any calls for earlier election would be synonymous to war declaration in the Cameroons. However, whether the constitution would be amended or early elections scheduled, it is left to be seen. Biya has been known to be the master of his game and the Cameroons people cannot predict what he will do next .

However, there has been large calls from Cameroonians and some section of the SDF especially the youth to see Joshua Osih, first National Vice President of the SDF to replace Fru Ndi, National Chairmann as the flag bearer of the party and the eventual Presidential nominee come 2018 elections. These calls have agitated and anger some close political aides within the Fru Ndi camp who thinks Joshua Osih is not fit to replace Fru Ndi. However, the Eden Newspaper based in the Cameroons in their Monday May 30th edition is reporting that there are fresh hopes for OSIH to replace Fru Ndi. Would Osih be crowned the next prince of the SDF? The political of the Cameroons future is pregnant.
God is still saying something.

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One thought on “June Parliament Opens: SDF prepares, Osih to replace Fru Ndi?

  1. Patrick Asongayi

    This is the best news filtering out of my country for the last several years.Osieh is the only hope . The ONLY one who can assemble the broken pieces of our dear sdf. Even though we are not undermining the great job of His Excellency the honorable chairman John Fri Ndi for the last 26 years. May this story be true .

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