Exclusive: Maryland Sex Tape Victim Finally Speaks

I want to personally thank all sympathizers  and Cameroonians who stood against the cyberbully. I am healthy now after going through this emotional stress. I heartily thank BaretaNews for bringing this to light. No other girl child or boy should suffer what I went through and it is the time we put a stop to this. I might have been at fault somewhere just by sharing my privacy with a friend who callously went viral with it. Lessons have been learned but must not go unpunished. I hereby release this statement for public consumption.


The minds of some  human beings are definitely wicked, I thought Mekone Sone was my friend but not knowing I was dealing with a DEVIL in white cloth. She took my quietness & niceness for weakness, but now I’M READY FOR HER.  It takes more than TRUST for anyone to share some worth of Privacy with a friend, Mekone and I always exchanged stuff,  laughed over it for fun, I deleted hers because my heart is too pure to hurt anyone, she kept mine for over 8 months just because she had weapons to plan evil against me. She lied and make up stories about me breaking her and her boyfriend up just to feed the jealousy she had developed towards me over the past periods. She knew deep down in her heart I was never closed to her Ex boyfriend but always advises her as a friend about the games she played with her boyfriend and the other numerous boys she was sleeping with.


I have gotten all the evidence from Slimmix*  and Anita* whom she lied to them about things I never said and stories that never existed, just because she thought she could team up with them to fight a stronger battle against me, KARMA IS A BITCH, now they have ( Slimmix and Anita) come up with their own Evidence. GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY.  She was sending me numerous threats that she was going to destroy me and finally she put her words into practice and be ready to get a taste of what I have been going through.

And also I have learned how she tried to go around claiming she is innocent, “BITCH YOU ARE A MIND GAME PLAYER”. And if she knew what is best for her, she just needs to stay quiet in her little  corner(she is a fool.)


I have words for Slimmix also.  Slimmix was too naive and fed all the trash Mekone told her things I said about her and  this landed Slimmix on making an audio which threatens me as well. I guess Slimmix never knew what she got herself into, I am so sorry to say I haven’t listened to  the audio Slimmix slammed on my family and I. The fear of everything was to prevent it from reaching my family but be rest assured, If Slimmix really knew me all the nasty things she said about my family like clothing my younger brother, living a two bedroom house, me being adopted and having a child, wouldn’t have been said.


I have been quite for over weeks battling with my emotional stress about this issue. Weeks ago, my 2 senior family friends who has been trying to know the source of this issue had Slimmix, Anita, Mekone and myself on a conference call for the first and last time to clear the air.  Mekone who has been lying about my name and saying all sort of rubbish about me has earlier claimed she had deleted the video long ago, but on the same day the video WITH NO PICTURE went Viral, she forwarded it to Slimmix and told her she was going to attach my name and picture on it to destroy me and after an hour later she evidently sent another video to Slimmix with my name and picture on it. She was unable to answer the million dollar question of where she got the edited video with my name and face”,  she was speechless and hanged up the phone. After 6 hours later she claimed she got it from a group (HERE IS THE EVIDENCE OF HER SCREENSHOTS with NO GROUP NAME on it.)  Until now she hasn’t responded to that questions.  Beyond reasonable doubt, she has been proven guilty and still trying to refuse the fact because she doesn’t want to suffer the consequences alone.


Conversation between Mekone and Slimmix
Mekone’s short brief with Slimmix

Below is a screen shot of Slimmix and Mekone’s conversation, and you said you are a viral baby, girlfriend you will go viral. Stupid idiot whom you claim was brought up by two parents, I really doubt that. You had the nerves of calling my late mother’s name on your snap chats, I really wish you knew the effect of growing up being an orphan. Let Satan who has taken your conscience deal with you now cause mine is still with God and I will deal with you legally and set the lesson for others to follow. You Daughter of Jezebel.

May God continue to bless all my well-wishers for all the love you have poured towards my family and I during this transition. The legal team is taking over and we shall see the end of this matter.

Thank you the Cameroon Community for reading. Thank you BaretaNews

The Victim-MaryLand Sex Tape

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6 thoughts on “Exclusive: Maryland Sex Tape Victim Finally Speaks

  1. tk 1111

    There is no reasoning for sharing Linda’s pictures. Most of you girls do worst. And also you all have your fantasy’s hidden somewhere. Publishing those videos meant. Putting the poor girl in a suicide or even social banishing situation. Linda is a victim of social wickedness. On the girl claiming to be a hot Kumba girl. You just understand she is foolish and uneducated with very low esteem. If a friends says you should not hang out with old men, what is wrong in that. Sex as evolved with technology in a way that people satisfy their sexual drives and fantasy differently. So judging Linda is wrong. Friends should learn to secure each other. As far as I am concerned. I will always support you my sister Linda. Just know we love you no matter what.

    1. Pretty pat

      We are not or rather am not judging. Am trying to make her understand that nobody is perfect not at all. She on the oda hand should take the highest blame for what is happening to her. I guess she understands already why I said she should take the highest blame. True. She has learned her lesson the hard way. I just want her to move on. Is unfortunate that her dirty linens was washed in public. Girl. Forget about this and move on. It was already dying down and woke it up to receive unnecessary comments. Remember the boy and the Sone girl can also sue u. It has happened. Please move on. U are better than this. Ok!!!

  2. Jane

    I sincerely think the only wrong this girl did was not knowing who her friends truly are and trusting a phony. I share all sort of stuffs with people I am save to say are my friends and I know that no matter what, they have some sense of decency in them to know that people have misunderstandings and it’s not the end to a friendship and room for bursting out secrets.

    I will advise you not to file a law suit. You will get hurt in the process. What you need now is to stay positive and live your life. As you said karma is a bitch, whoever did this to you will pay one way or the other.

  3. hahahahahha wehkeh…so all the boys shes f**** with..her friends have been seeing it hein..non of ma business tho..sippix ma tea..more comments plss…dis place is getting funky…

  4. Na so

    To those supporting this Mekone, in the name of friendship. I am sure they are also into sex tape sharing for fun as one of thier friendship activities (cos birds of the same feather……). Just pray that a day doesn’t come when she also shares your video to get back at you for something. If that day comes, just don’t complain too.

  5. Ratty

    So linda when you fuck, you video it and send to your friend and when your friend fuck she also take video and send to you and you people fell pleasure got it. You watch and then laugh and feels happy. Fuck fuck girls them. Virgin big holes. Porn artist

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