SWAP By FG’s Miss Natural Queen Pageant – VOTE NOW

“Miss natural Queen” is an innovation to the conventional beauty pageant we see every day. This seeks to valorize and showcase the natural beauty embedded in our African Women. To boost their confidence levels and make them know that if the whole world has seen you bare and unkept on Facebook and still finds u gorgeous, then it’s OK to walk shoulder high on the street without makeup.

A lot of African Women have forgotten the goodness there is in basic face treatments and body exfoliation. They have put their fate into the hands of makeup and hence use layers upon layers of it to cover their imperfections. As a Makeup artist, I speak from experience to the different kind of women I have met each with their own problems.
Makeup should be kept for special events instead of what it has become now, a daily dependence. The African woman is a beautiful woman, confident and charismatic and when I look at all the contestants that have been on this show, all I see is gorgeousness.

This is a pageant that will run monthly because with this, we can do our own quota in empowering our women.
The June edition, it’s maiden, is a prelude to the introduction of the entity that powers the contest.
The Miss Natural Queen contest is powered by another baby of the FG TOUCH brand called S. W. A. P.
S. W. A. P ( Speak With A Pillow) by FG is a customised idea for those who want to say the words of their hearts to a loved one but also what to have them engraved so they are never forgotten

Vicky Fokala, CEO FG Touch

Below are the contestants. Please vote only once by writing the number of your preferred queen in the facebook comment section on this website. One Facebook is to one vote. Share the link after voting to get your preferred queen more votes. Voting ends on Wednesday, 5pm Cameroon time.


 Ichire Joyce
Ichire Joyce
Bongkeh Irene
Bongkeh Irene
 Nicole Tayo
Nicole Tayo


Sandra Ekukole
Sandra Ekukole


 Clarisse Mbabe
Clarisse Mbabe

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53 thoughts on “SWAP By FG’s Miss Natural Queen Pageant – VOTE NOW

  1. STEVE


    1. baramarkofficial

      Please vote on the facebook comment section on the link. Just scroll above

    1. baramarkofficial

      Please vote on the facebook comment section on the link…just scroll above

  2. Wemje

    You are the best Bongkeh irene


    Number 2 Bongkeh Irene you are the best

  4. Ebai tabe

    2 for sure

  5. Caroline takem

    Number 2

  6. KEVO

    Congratulations to the winer. It’s was arrange by God. Hope next time boys are coming in to this great opportunity

  7. ferdinand ngong

    i vote 1_ichire joyce

  8. Mbini Yvette

    3 for life.

  9. Perry- king

    Picture 1 is the most natural

  10. okoye Juliette

    Number one (1)is my choice

  11. Mimba Yuniseh

    3 always

  12. Etugbo Oghale Melonia

    Contestant 1

  13. Litumbe Johannes

    Numero Uno is my choice.. 1

  14. pemwoya Vera vills


  15. Penda Legrand Beethoven

    1 is the best

  16. Atumo Merilyne

    number 2 is my choice

  17. Tita Daylewis

    number 1 Joyce u r naturally beautifully

  18. Brenda Ngolle Ngolle

    I choose number 1

  19. I vote for number 1 ichire Joyce.


    Number 2

  21. mbeng bessonganyi

    1 ichire joyce

  22. cabinda elna

    Nubmber 2

  23. Bladex

    Number 1 is my choice

  24. obasi precious

    no 1

  25. nchanji reneland

    Comment 3

  26. Agenda Clarisse

    I choose 3 she is truly natural

  27. Frenzy

    Contestant 1 is the most natural with no deal or signs of makeups. She is exquisitely naturally beautiful and magnificent, pls use your real n right sense of judgement to norminate her coz victory is due to her

  28. Oyibo pepper

    Number 1

  29. Bertino le pro

    Number 3 is havx de best natural looks



  31. Ferdinand

    I vote number 1 joyce

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