Northern Zone Lawyers Asked Governor To Arrest Them

A sea of Northern Zone Lawyers in Southern Cameroons asked the colonial Governor to get them arrested.

Northern Zone lawyers converged in Bamenda today and marched together with their bags to the colonial Governor’s office and asked that they all be arrested – BaretaNews can confirmed.
The Colonial governor whose face looked cranky said he had no right to arrest them and asked the lawyers to move to the procureur general.

The Lawyers moved to the frail looking PG who in turned said he doesnt have a warrant of arrest for them.
BaretaNews speaking with our source in Bamenda on phone said the Northern Zone lawyers said they are all ready to be arrested. They said Ghost towns in the Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons next week and weeks to come shall be total. As for resumption they said parents have vowed that their children will stay home indefinitely and women may come out on Wednesday.

The Northern Zone Lawyers also expressed their support for the interim Consortium leaders.
Mark Bareta.

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One thought on “Northern Zone Lawyers Asked Governor To Arrest Them

  1. Pastor FORZE

    To la Republic du Cameroon and all their evil schemes against the people of Southern Cameroon, it is the last kick of a dieing horse. No one should be deceived Mr Ni John Fri Ndi is a Traitor in disguise. Check their bank accounts and his Parliamentarians , you will not be surprised. Prayers remain the Divine weapon of the Southern Cameroon,.. Victory is Sure.

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