Penal Code Revision: New Sanctions on Adultery and Homosexuality


The Cameroons National Assembly would soon look into the Cameroons criminal penal code. Parliamentary and Senatorial bureau are currently looking into the 119 Penal Code document. The code if adopted will be forwarded to the respective bureau for cosmetic deliberation and adoption.

The new code plans to modify punishments for those who engaged in adultery and homosexuality. Article 361 regulates acts of adultery, the members of parliament are in agreement  that adultery “shall be punished with imprisonment from two months to six months or a fine of 25,000 to 100,000 francs if a married woman who has sex with a man other than her husband”. Also, same penalties shall hold for the husband who has sex with other women rather than his wife or wives.”

Article 347 now punishes those involve in homosexual acts from 6 months to 5 years and/or a fine from 20.000 to 200.000frs CFA. Political pundits say If the current text proposed by the government is eventually passed by parliament, it will be a kind of revolution in the Cameroons.

BaretaNews note that there are also new provisions in the new criminal code to stifle internet users especially social media actors who write against the government. They too shall be subject to punishment. We are still studying this provision, we would bring more to you as we study the text. Meanwhile, the Cameroon Bar Council has heavily condemned the new penal code because it contains certain provisions which take away certain freedoms from the people as well as because the government failed to contact the body for her inputs

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  1. Batey Abraham Johnson Batey

    Development needs moral and economic serenity so, I oblige myself the support of a strong moral state but will not accept 3years jail term for rent default as opposed to 6 months for adultery.The reverse will make better sense.

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