The People’s Call: Understanding The Early Calls

The people’s call has come to be a contagious disease spreading from regions to regions across the Cameroons. The call began with worshippers of Biya’s regime from the South Region. Praise singers from the Centre took over the call and relayed the baton to people from the littoral. CPDM senators also danced to the same tune and called on the natural candidate to run come 2018. It is evident that all ten regions have already taken their turn. It is just a matter of time before the hallelujah song starts manifesting.
The regime praise singers are asking the lion man Paul Biya to run again come 2018. Some are requesting he changes the constitution to bring elections to 2017. John Fru Ndi, the SDF Chieftain in February 2016 promised to lead a civil war should Mr. Biya calls for an early election. Despite that, SDF calling for a convention in February 2017 has been read by some quarters as preparing for the said early election. Political pundits argue that this is due to Fru Ndi’s response when squeezed on reasons he convened the convention, he said the party needs to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. As far as BaretaNews is concerned, in politics, nothing happens by chance. Everything is well calculated and planned.
But have we bothered to ask ourselves, why the call is so intensified in 2016, two years before the election? This is what political pundits and insight sources suggest. They revealed that in 2016, Biya would cause the Parliament to create the post of the Vice President who will become a direct successor to the President. Biya in late 2016 will call for early elections in October 2017 instead of 2018 taking the opposition by ambush. Biya will then run for the Presidential elections heading to the so-called people’s call. ELECAM will ensure that Biya wins the 2017 early Presidential elections. However, the March and June sessions have gone by without any constitutional changes. The regime still has some few months to go before the year ends where they could call for the extraordinary session to do the magic changes.
Insight sources also revealed that because France elections come in 2017 and it is highly tipped that Sarkozy would run and probably win, Biya needs to secure his mandate before Sarkozy plans to pay Biya in his own coins for putting Marafa, Sarkozy’s favourite candidate to jail. This amongst others is jittering Biya to call early elections in 2017.
In 2018 October, Biya will resign gracefully and his constitutional heir, which would be the Vice President appointed in 2017 must have been thrilled by Biya and France shall take over as President of the Republic and then finishes the remaining 6 years of Biya’s term. The Vice President will neither be an “Anglophone” nor would it be any person closer to the other regions in the Francophone zone. This is the underlying call for Biya to run again so political insiders reveal.
BaretaNews, however, thinks that it is because Cameroon is so funny that the rule of law means nothing. This has led CPDM sycophants to be shamefully calling for an early election knowing very well that there is no strong opposition, no independent institutions to block Biya and most importantly, power lies in the hands of Paul Biya.
Let us see what the future holds.
God is still saying something.

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