Presidential Biya’s Speech, Black Outs and Fru Ndi Praises.

Presidential Biya’s Speech, Black Outs and Fru Ndi Praises.
A moments ago, President Paul Biya gave his traditional end of year recycled speech. Mr John Fru Ndi immediately after the speech on CRTV praises Mr Biya and said the speech was one of the best delivered by Biya. Worthy of note is that, it is reported that various cities across the Cameroons including Yaounde, Buea, Bamenda, etc saw power cut during the length of his speech. Some highlights of his speech include.
1. “We must achieve emergence by 2035”
Mr President, how can we achieve emergence by 2035 when the country cannot even go without a day without power cuts despite enormous natural resources to generate power. Emergence must begin now.
2. “My main dream is to see the standard of living of Cameroonians get better in 2016”
Mr President has been in power since 1982 and the standard of living has not been better either. It has become worse as the years go on with endemic corruption. How can 2016 be better when we have not seen effective policies put in place in 2015.
3.”We must switch to digital soonest”
How can Cameroun go digital when state institutions and ministries do not even own simple websites and if they do, most are poorly designed with updates as outdated as possible.
4. ” In this regard, I am pleased to note that 1 175 358 jobs have been created from 2011 to 2015″
This is the biggest joke. I guess these figures are coming only from government employment. How can the government be the biggest employer? What statistical tools and data do the government used to come out with this figure? How organised is the private sector so that when jobs are created, the employment data is updated? If there is one, how open are these data for public investigation and consumption?
5. ” I have instructed the Government to implement two key measures: review pump prices of fuel downward; and review upwards, the amount of family allowances paid to workers.These measures will take effect on 1 January 2016″
While we appreciate the reduction of fuel prices. This just indicates how individualistic the regime is. What role did the Parliament play in understanding the effects of reducing fuel prices? Again, family allowances are being increased to state workers? What about the private sector? So the government has no regards for other citizens? What happens in setting policies and mechanisms that will protect workers in the private sector?
6.”I know how patriotic you are. Let us make 2016 a great and peaceful year for our country .”
Yes, Mr President, Cameroonians are naturally patriotic people. They are not patriotic because of you because you have given no reason for Cameroonians to be patriotic. You have never been patriotic to Cameroon. A patriotic president would visit his regions, commune and understand how his people are living. A patriotic President will not leave the country for months and spend huge tax payers money at ease. A patriotic President will commune with his wounded soldiers, visit them and provide adequate care for them. A patriotic President will listen to the voices of marginalised people in the Cameroons. A patriotic President will set in place an independent electoral body and ensures independence in state institutions. Cameroon is experiencing negative peace as you may know but some day, Cameroonians shall be victorious again.
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