A Message of Thanks and an Appeal for Calm
Dear people of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia,

We greet you in the name and spirit of the struggle. The SCAFUF salutes all Southern Cameroons parents, our women, the PTAs, our invincible and dependable Achaba/Okada/Bendskin riders and the business community in general, for the unwavering support and sacrifices you have made in the ongoing struggle for our independence restoration. We commend our children for obeying their parents and for avoiding the temptation to sit for an examination they did not prepare for and which will not be recognized.

We can all attest that our God-given weapon of peaceful protests, ghost towns and school and court boycotts have succeeded by 100%. Do not mind that Yaoundé is stage-managing examinations for children who didn’t go to school. These are the things that shall be used to disgrace and disprove them. Farmers from their country are brought in to disguise as students. What a shame. This is the summit of what they have intended for our children all along, substandard education. For all these, they shall be held accountable.

The SCACUF has set up committees and we will be setting up another during the upcoming conclave to lay down for Southern Cameroons Ambazonia, an education system that will enable us catch with 56 years of deliberate neglect and destruction. In that committee, we shall be drafting the best brains our land is offering to other nations. We wish to assure the parents that we are drawing lessons from successful countries in Africa and around the world to put in place an education system that will meet 21st century standards and beyond.

Dear people, we are aware of the present state of anxiety in which we find ourselves, having sacrificed so much. We are also conscious of your desire to have information as to the next step we are taking. However, experience has shown us that our enemy, the slave master in Yaoundé, Paul Biya and his agents, need that information more than you do. They have their blackleg slave boys and girls on all our forums and therefore we have to be careful. Yaoundé has preceded us to many places because we put out the word. We have made some great contacts already and and breaking new grounds everyday. The Law Firm is also breaking grounds for us, but very little shall be let out at this point in time. Information is good, but if it is not properly managed, letting out vital information will definitely work against the struggle. Paul Biya, as you can see, is prepared to auction all our resources to gain friends and support.

Dear people, 21st century war does not depend on how much noise we can make. We beg you, in the name of God who ordained this struggle, to give us time to concentrate and talk less. The Communications team of SCACUF, led
by Spokesman Larry Eyongechaw, will be giving directives as to what action will be taking place when.

In the meantime, I ask that the entire Southern Cameroons Ambazonia should commit the upcoming SCACUF conclave to God as it is evident, that while we are all agreed on the Restoration agenda, the devil seems to be having
the better of us. Even the date of that meeting we shall not let out for security reasons. Already, two of our compatriots have escaped assassination attempts in Nigeria. The two attempts were made apparently by the same person, in the same unmarked black car, though in different cities. Therefore, we should not relent in our prayers.

The enemy is not sleeping.
Do not relent; not in your prayers, not in your physical commitment to the struggle.

God is with us, to see us through.

Tassang Wilfred
Secretary General

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  1. I appreciate this message of hope. If there is anything that has destroyed the Biya regime most it is the complete loss of hope for the future. People cannot obey simple rules of decency anymore in that country to stand in lines in an orderly fashion in public places to be served accordingly because they are never sure whenever they reach the start of the cue to be served, what they need will be still available. There is no hope for the future in anything and that makes people desperate to do anything . So we urge the Consortium to continue sending these out messages which in no way makes them release sensitive information concerning the struggle. It gives a lot of hope There is no exaggeration in this message and every normal person can detect the sincerity in it. It should be sent out on a weekly basis so that we at least have something to hope for. Thanks for the message and God bless you all.

  2. i am coji i need peace and love to be as acameroonain living in bamenda give my respect to government

  3. Mukong

    While we table peaceful means to resolve the present situation with the criminal regime in Yaoundé, I cannot but feel overwhelmed by the call from the young lady in Yaoundé requesting an AK47.
    By the way isn’t the position of Dr. Akwanga in line with any liberation struggle? Are we going to sit and wait and only form an army after we gain independence? This is tantamount to “Putting the Cart before the Horse”.
    The time to form an army is now before the leadership of this struggle start to go the way of Dr. Felix Moumie. Please do not be oblivious of the fact that the french leeches and their stooges in Yaoundé are spending sleepless night hatching diabolic schemes for use to destroy this struggle. That is why I believe our host countries will not object if we request to have boots on the ground in their territories that will train to provide security to the leadership in exile as well as protect our people back home in Southern Cameroon from continuously being used as punching bags by the forces of dis-order from LRC. Nothing epitomizes this fact than the realization in Pa Tssang’s article that the criminal regime has now embark on a campaign of terror by sending murderers to go after our people even while they are in exile. Please we must also under stand that the Bible is made up of both the Old and New testaments. And in the Old Testament, “An eye for An Eye” is totally acceptable.

  4. zamzam

    There are several ways of winning without firing a shot. After October 2017, No LRC government worker should be allowed to have a peace of mind in Southern Cameroons,

    (i) DO NOT rent out houses to any of them,

    (ii) DO NOT spare their cars on our streets

    (iii) DO NOT allow them in our restaurants and drinking parlors

    (iv) DO NOT allow their Southern Cameroon housemaids have a peace of mind

    (v) They kidnap our children and take to unknown jails in LRC; guess what, a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.

    (vi) That Bamileke administrator who populated the Department of Physics at the University of Bamenda with Bamilekes should not be allowed a place to stay in greater Bamenda.

    (vii) Start setting governmental structures in places like Akwaya, Eyomujok, Furu Awa

    (viii) Put Atanga Nji Paul, Peter Musonge, Tabe Tando, Julius Achu, etc., on notice,

  5. Atem Bakia

    I am totally with Akwanga and Ayaba and agree with Zam Zam and Mukong. That is why I pay my citizenship levy with joy and pride at

    It is not difficult to acquire arms. Do you think the rebels in South Sudan who are well supplied are smarter than us or have more resources that we do? No.

    We need to get in touch with them and their suppliers.

    At the appropriate time, any LRC citizen in SC will be staying in our country at their own risk.

    Don’t spare Peter Mafany and Atanga Nji too.

  6. Takor, Enow

    If they are attempting to assassinate our people, we must take the fight to them in their own country, especially Yaoundé, their national capital, as well, and also target some of their own people. They do not, and should not have a monopoly to any means of violence. The Algerians did that to the French during their war of independence; so, we must not let them go after our people with impunity!. And, their top colonial agents in our country should also be targeted.

  7. Malis

    At this point, the only thing that gives me any pleasure is seeing them been killed, their daughters been abused, their women been dehumanize, their young men been exterminated.

    Shit LRC, a cursed nation. Evil and daemons everywhere. A country fool of mentally sick psychopath. England, France and the UN could not break our backs, You LRC, we will teach you people a lesson, I swear to the creator of this universe YOU people will pay.

    The blood of our women, son, daughters that your LRC-BIR stinking shit-hole monkeys are spilling will hunt you all. LRC will forever remain in bondage.

  8. Takor, Enow

    The innocent blood shed by our citizens in the hands of the butchers and thugs of LRC shall never be in vain. Our independence and national sovereignty shall be restored and we shall avenge the deaths of our citizens in the process! Let our enemies and Ambazonia traitors, therefore, circle their wagons, because we are coming after them with everything at our disposal. They and their leaders will not be safe wherever they are.

  9. zamzam

    Now we are talking. ANY LRC student seeking admission into institutions of higher learning in Southern Cameroons will be doing so at their own risk. If one of the DOs or LRC government workers in the hinterland of Southern Cameroons is kidnapped and taken to an unknown location, Hitler Biya will start thinking…. We MUST start the take-town-after-town strategy after October 2017. The police and gendarmes do not stay in Yaounde and fly in everyday. They stay in our neighborhoods, we know their houses… Rain stones on their roofs after midnight. Smear their cars with feces as a warning. Start NOW!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE, circulate these strategies.

  10. zamzam

    The director of Ayaba Hotel in Bamenda is a Beti, all signs at Ayaba Hotel are in French. Apparently the Beti director does not live in Yaounde and fly in every day. He lives somewhere in Bamenda. Somebody knows somebody who knows where he lives, somebody knows the car he drives, somebody knows somebody who knows his cell phone number. It is our DUTY to flush him out of Bamenda and out of Southern Cameroons. Talk, talk, and talk will not produce anything. Occupation forces do not get out of an occupied territory at will; they must be flushed out.

  11. Takor, Enow

    Yes, the occupation forces shall be flushed out, but this is not the forum to announce how we go about it. You know quite well the agents of the evil regime have infiltrated our networks; therefore, we are not going to tip our hands by outlining any conceivable strategy herein. To do say will be highly irresponsible and suicidal, bro! We can speak in generalities, and not get down to specifics.

  12. zamzam


    Thanks for the caution.

  13. You all sound like terrorist and yet pray to God

  14. Nkwenti carole

    Agbor should better read the Psalms and get to know how the Psalmists prayed.

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