He Slams The LGBT Community: Sex is Procreation, Not Recreation


Mr. Cham Formoukum is a fervent Christian, an activist. As the debate of the Orlando Gay shooting in the USA continues, Mr. Cham Formoukum has presented a beautiful  and convincing response. Read on
A human being with penis is a male. A human being with a vagina is a female. A human being with both genitals is a Hermaphrodite. A human being with none is….. Well, it’s rare, we only know of Holliday who was born in 1988 with a severe birth defect called Cloacal Exstrophy, which causes the bladder and a portion of the intestines to become exposed outside of the abdomen. This caused confusion as to what his sex is, until 25 years later he was scientifically declared to be a male.
These genitals are designed for specific functions (natural or normalities) when there’s a “mal or dis-function” (whether by intent or accident) it becomes unnatural or abnormal. Some abnormalities are positive, some are negative. Sex was designed for procreation, not recreation. We are only fortunate that sex is fun, but it wasn’t meant for fun. Just like your job, you may enjoy doing it but it’s still a job, not a joke. The LGBT are the most organised group of abnormal people on earth, with resources in their hands. They are more abnormal than terrorist because terrorist plan to quit terrorism when their demands are met (If ever- this demands is what makes them abnormal in most cases).


Of course no one is perfect we all have our abnormal moments. Like the corrupt leaders in Africa. See how they bring suffering on masses with no regret. Like the adulterous men out there, you leave your beautiful wife at home and go about having sex with other ladies knowing how much it hurts her feelings. Like me, sometimes I realize I have lied only after, knowing how its a betrayal to people who trust me to always be honest with them. Like you who looks down on others and feel so proud sometimes about nothing knowing well that when you lower peoples esteem it sometimes traumatizes them. You are not normal! But you see nobody is forcing their abnormalities on others. No one has asked for legalization of corruption, or adultery, or lies telling, or pride. Its not normal to force people to become abnormal because you enjoy you state of abnormality. So please away with the LGBT bulshit.


Be that as it may the right to life is paramount and should be applicable to every human being the normal and abnormal alike. No human has the right to take another’s life, you can’t create one so do not destroy it. Because while alive there’s hope. No one becomes a better person in the grave. For you to pick up a gun and shoot people because you consider them abnormal is just as abnormal.
The right to life is the first human right as per the 1948 universal declaration of human rights. Now hold with the political correctness, sexual orientation is not a right, probably why the universal declaration didn’t capture it. In fact the word gay didn’t even exist in 1948, homosexuality was punishable by British law at the time. It was and still is abnormal. Sex is given at birth not chosen. As you have noticed I haven’t made any religious assertions here. On that page this case is closed. Homosexuality is a sin, amongst others. Culture wise its unacceptable in most parts of Africa and some parts of Europe and America.
So here, I express my sincere condolence to the families of those who lost their life in the recent shooting at a gay club in the U.S. All lives matter, even those in kolofata, those in Borno, those in south Sudan, those Christians being beheaded in Iraq, the refugees dying off the coast of libya fleeing from hardship, everywhere around the world people are being killed and its so abnormal. Now before I finished writing this at least 2people have been killed in Syria. How come we value oil, timber, animals, gold, and money more than humans today? Are we normal?

By Cham Formoukom


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One thought on “He Slams The LGBT Community: Sex is Procreation, Not Recreation

  1. Emmanuel Etoke

    I’ll disagree with you that sex is only for procreation. Do you have wife? Do you have sex with her only when you want to make babies? Then you should have a basket full of children by now. Being LGBT doesn’t matter, it’s a way of life. Don’t judge a person’s sexual orientation, you are not God. Accept. How does somebody’s gay life style affect or bother you. Live and let’s live.

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