Southern Cameroons Capital Should Move To Bachuo Akagbe- Dr Nfor Susungi

Why the Capital of the independent Southern Cameroons shall be relocated to a more central and safe location.

Buea became the capital of German Kamerun in 1901 after Governor Jesko von Puttkamer completed the construction of the building which he subsequently named “Puttkamer Schloss” or Puttkamer Palace. From 1901, the Germans governed the vaste colony from the Puttkamer Palace.

The reason why Governor Jesco von Puttkamer moved the capital from Douala was because he strongly disliked (in fact he hated) the Douala people. The reason was because the Douala were notorious for writing embarrassing petitions to Berlin against the Governor. But in moving the capital from Douala the Governor chose Buea which had a more hospitable climate.

The land on which the Puttkamer Palace was constructed carried some controversy. It was part of the land that Governor Julius Freiherr von Soden “bought” from the people of Upper and Lower Buea in 1887 which enabled his name to be entered into the colonial land registry as the owner of the “whole” of Buea.

When WWI broke out, Governor Karl Ebermeier move the colonial staff to Douala from where they planned their retreat towards Yaounde until they finally exited the colony in January 1916.

Following the partition of the colony in 1919 between Britain and France, the British maintained Buea as the capital of British Cameroons and the residence of the British Commissioner.

When the United Kingdom split British Cameroons into Northern Cameroons and Southern Cameroons, the capital of Northern Cameroons which was Governed from Kaduna was Ibi while that of the Southern Cameroons which was governed from Enugu was Buea.

In 1954 when the British Colonial Secretary proposed the Southern Cameroons House of Assembly, the seat of the assembly was based in Buea. This is how Buea took shape as the capital of the Southern Cameroons. Buea continued to be the capital of West Cameroon until the advent of the unitary state in 1972, following which it was only the capital of the Southwest Province.

The question facing the people of the
Southern Cameroons is the following:
In the event of Southern Cameroons independence what considerations should go into deciding where the future capital should be located? This is an open question which should be discussed openly and without fear.

Buea is no longer the best location for the future capital for the following reasons:

Buea is not a safe location anymore. The vulnerability of Buea from foreign invasion has not changed from what it was in 1895 when a heavily armed German force under Rittmeister Maximilian von Stetten marched up to Buea and forced Chief Kuva Likenye who had his back against Mount Fako to pull out his Bakweri fighting force and to abandon their land to the Germans.

When the government of LRC decided to arrest the Consortium leaders in 2017, they simply walked into Buea and picked them up like sitting ducks.

Buea does not have a water source to support a population of 300-400,000 which is the projected population of the capital city by 2030
Property values have already risen too high in Buea as a result of a lot of land speculation.

There are very good reasons why the capital should be moved to the interior of the territory and the most suitable location is Bachuo Akagbe for the following reasons:

Bachuo Akagbe is exactly the geographic midpoint between Abonshie in Ako district of Donga & Mantung and Bimbia in Fako division. It is also the geographic midpoint between Fontem and Ekok.

Bachuo Akagbe also has the advantage of being located next to the Cross River where the abundant water from the river will easily satisfy the water supply needs of a capital city of 500,000 or more.

Bachuo Akagbe also has the advantage of being located just across the river from Besongabang where there is an existing airstrip which shall be easily upgraded international airport to serve the national capital.

But choosing Bachuo Akagbe is merely a symbolic junction because the land that would be needed for a capital territory would stretch all the way to Okoyong to include the land on the right bank of the Cross River and extending as far as the government shall deem necessary for the needs of the state. But the capital territory shall not include Mamfe Town it

This discussion needs to take place now not after independence.!!!

We need to understand that for the last 55 years the Yaounde regime has not attached any priority to the construction of the Ring Road or the Kumba-Mamfe road. What this means is that after SC independence it could take at least 10-15 years for the two vital road networks to be constructed.

If the capital is maintained in Buea, citizens from Menchum, Boyo, DongaMantung, Bui and NgoKitungia will have to endure the bad conditions of the Ring Road and the bad condition of the Kumba road for another 10-15 years in the new country.

Many can turn away from Southern Cameroons independence by continuing to use the roads in LRC. Conflict on this issue can easily trigger a South Sudan scenario.

That is why the issue of the national capital must be dealt with now and not after independence.

Dr. Nfor N Susungi
Group Head Economy

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9 thoughts on “Southern Cameroons Capital Should Move To Bachuo Akagbe- Dr Nfor Susungi

  1. George

    I must correct Dr. Susungi. The reason why the Germans moved from Douala to Buea was the climate. The Germans could not stand the high humidity and temperature of Douala. Thus they moved to Buea were the climate is more moderate.

  2. Malis

    This is a very good idea. It is strategically located and will advantage the whole region equally.

    I myself was shocked the first time I went to Douala. Limbe, Kumba are hot but Douala is totally something else. I felt like in a super hot gas. At some point I really had to stop walking to breath and still then It was not easy.

  3. Francis Bama

    Buea has an active volcano which can trigger tremors in case of deep and heavy engineering activities.
    Buea is already close to Victoria,the potential economic capital of an independent Southern Cameroons.
    There’s the possibility of a very large connubation of towns like Tiko,Mutengene,Victoria with Buea hindering expansion and proper planning of the city of Buea besides the rush for land in the wake of the creation of UN.

  4. Dango

    Dr 30 years ago is only worth high school
    Knowledge today if you havent gone back to school. Susungi retire and stop disgracing himself. That topic isnt necesary now.untill the
    Late cameroun is left our country.then i will redesign and help
    Buea like anchorage .alaska. okay. I will also
    Help write our macro economic blueprint.that includes gold mining and minetizing

  5. Dango

    Contrary to cameroun lies germany never colonizes any body. It only had territories like kamerun and it was five african countried not just southern and northrrn cameroons and
    Cameroun but togo.chad.gabon and E guinrea
    Soo please you brsinawshed southrrn cameroonians stop going back to tbis stupid history .for your state history begins in 1961
    Now take you independence to partner militarily with russia.n korea china for arms and training
    In return for mineral resource. After kicking cameroun out of our country

  6. Atem Bakia

    This shall be put up for vote and let the people decide. It makes sense to centralize the capital in the mid point for all to access. I rather our capital be closer to friendly Nigeria and West Africa, than LRC and corrupt so called Central Africa.

  7. NFOR , N. NFOR

    As good as the idea is, may we identify our priorities get them right and move. For now this does not help take us nearer to our FREEDOM and SOVEREIGN INDEPENDENCE. This is an internal issue. Our problem is with the external enemy, la Republique du Cameroun. We must focus on the enemy and the bigger picture and put in our locker what must wait. First things first! Thanks.



  9. Owen Mann

    Cameroon is called Cameron in French, Cameron in German, camarões in Portuguese, and Cameroon in English. U . s .’s call derives from dissertation service company which means ‘shrimps’, so called by means of the fifteenth-century Portuguese explorer Fernando to who named the river would Rio dos camarões (‘shrimp river’).

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