Technology Giants Shake Buea


Otto Akama, CEO of Makanjo Media
Otto Akama, CEO of Makonjo Media

Buea, the Capital of the South West Region has come to be known as the Silicon Mountain. It is the capital of technology  in Cameroon and fast growing as the headquarters of technology in East and West Africa. Recently, the BBC did a documentary where they showcase the prowess of Cameroons technological City called Buea. On Saturday, 18th June, technology giants from various start-up companies in Buea and its environ converged in Buea for its second edition of the annual conference. BaretaNews was told,  these technology giants  brought together over 600 persons in and from the diaspora.

The theme of the conference was ” Think Global, Build Local”. This event brought together techies, university dons, and financial gurus. BaretaNews is informed that a video of tech growth in Cameroon graced the opening  ceremony. It gave an insight on how the tech community in Cameroon has  grown not just within the country or continent but also across continents without leaving out media bodies like B.B.C.  The Silicon Mountain as it has come to be known made it known during the conference that in no distant future, the Cameroons will top the list of high tech in Africa and why not the world.

So many participants  graced the events amongst which were great IT personnel from within and without the nation, with  a flow of  different tech perspectives, it could be possible to develop a single and consistent view of tech in the Cameroons and world at large.

churchill Mambe
Mambe Churchill, CEO Njorku

Speakers upon speakers elaborated on topics such as designing, raising capital for tech project, thinking global to build local, video animation for startups, machine learning, understanding the Cameroon user, Programming, Coding secret etc. One of the hallmarks that went noticed was that most presenters  were students including various tech companies with the youngest presenter being a 17-year-old high school student who presented on coding. This development is huge for the Cameroons future. BaretaNews commend this. It is our expectation that Cameroon will emerge before the so-called government emergence in 2035 by these cream of tech giants.


Silicon Mountain
Overview of the Conference

It is, therefore, indicative that from the various presentations, the tech world in the Cameroons  portrayed their potentials to the entire world by depicting their capabilities to build technology locally and  compete with other great tech companies like silicon valley in California U.S.A  etc. Thus,  the  conference came to digitize the “android generation” more by making young Cameroonians and Africans realise their potentials in the digital world.

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  1. sakwe danaza

    They are just warrioring for not thing.we fight for our rights and God will see us through.believe me southern Cameroon is coming to be real. Let continues with our struggle God is with us amen

  2. Francis W

    We would have gone far if the government of Cameroun was real and genuine to the citizens. However, since they think they can hold us in boundage for ever, their brain must be dead and we must go our way. And I tell you, we shall become the next silicone mountain in Ambazonia like the one in California USA. La Republic will leave to depend on us for ever just like they have surffered us for this 56 years. The evil that men do,lives after them.
    The supreme being is with us! we must seperate and better our country for our fellow Ambazonians!

    Francis W
    The struggle continues ???

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