The Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary defines agony as ” great pain or suffering (of mind or body)”.  Thus, whenever 11th February approaches, the supposed plebiscite day turned Youth day with her real meaning, facts and manner of celebration distorted, I always have this great pain and suffering in mind and the case is true for all those who are true Southern Cameroonians. From the word go, the agony touches the very foundation of British Southern Cameroonians and Cameroon Republic at large. But history teaches us that 11th February 1961 was that fateful day British Southern Cameroons voted voluntarily to join East Cameroon without the third option of self-independence. This action culminated in the independence of Southern Cameroons on 1st October 1961 thus by this very act la Republique and British Southern Cameroons became one to be governed in a Federal System. That is history and history can never be change even the devil has no power to change history, therefore no government, no oppressor, no colonizer will change that. Lies can only be told, but the truth shall always save mankind. Bishop Rodrigo Borgia, in the book the family says what is written on paper affects history, not life. life is a different history.


The Mystery in all these years of the Ahidjo – Biya rule has been to distort the very foundation of the people of British Southern Cameroons . Their identity has been hidden and worst of all curricula in schools right from basic to university levels are very shallow concerning the history and real facts of Southern Cameroons , such books have been tailored and sponsored by the regimes to ensure the effective misrepresentation of our history. I have always been a bigot on the real facts of West Cameroon because it is only on this platform that the so much cherished unity of Cameroon reigns and is guaranteed and any government that shy away from the Anglophone cause will hardly succeed. I advise any leader who wishes to run for the 2011 presidential election to include the Anglophone cause in his manifesto proposing possible solutions that still guarantees the unity of Cameroon.


What most Cameroonians lack  is the basic knowledge of their history, you must not study history in class before knowing those very fundamental issues that touches your very foundation and existence. What has triggered my write-up has been the fact that most Cameroonians (85%) especially the youth do not even know the significance why they celebrate 11th February. All they know is an avenue to meet new friends, dance, drink, match past and go home. The government also uses this opportunity for reckless spending and embezzlement of tax payers’ money. Even the Youth day message from the head of state is nothing to write home about.


President Richard Nixon, the former US President once said “let us begin by committing ourselves to the truth, to see it as it is and tell it like it is, to find the truth, speak the truth and live the truth”. Why has the truth been manipulated about 11th February from the youth? Why change of name from Plebiscite to Youth day? Does it not suffice that even if the names are changed, the real meaning of the day could still be celebrated? Where are the Youths matching to? It is really sad to realize that all these have been the handiwork of the government.

It is shocking to realize that even the message from the head of state has never carried anything about the real meaning of 11th February. This is suppose to be a day of remembrance, a day when government can sit and analyze how far the unity and marriage between Francophones and Anglophones has gone, a day to look at the achievement done so far, what are the challenges ahead? what are the drawbacks that threatens Cameroon’s Unity and development and how to remedy such instead the government dodges from the real facts thinking it undermines and threatens the unity of Cameroon. I think it does not for what it is, it is and what is not, is not .The Anglophone people would belong more if the truth is celebrated. Even those top Anglophone officials, including the Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni are aware that the feeling of about 90% of Anglophones in Cameroon is one of “How man go do, make man just take”. A frustrating spirit. This is not suppose to be the case, if we are Cameroonians, we should feel belong.


Reading through Eden Wednesday 18th February 2009 N° 348 edition, page 10  of the question, “What do you know about 11th February?” I realized shockingly, that out of the few youth questioned, 98.99% of them do not even understand the importance and significance of 11th February. Most of them look at the day as a merry making event where new friends are made. Hear one of them “on 11th February, Youth get to meet new friends and is a day filled with joy and happiness and the field is crowded by many people waiting to watch the match past …… by Rosaline Bassah Street Care Bilingual foundation”. Another a UB graduate, hear him”. This day should instead be turned into a day when youth are trained. I don’t even know yet any significance…….. by John Etta Egbe, UB graduate”. The rest is the same with no real answers even University students are brain empty on the significance of this day. This is terrible and a big shame. The above question and answers given is just a reflection of the ignorance of most Cameroonians. It is really a pity.


Southern Cameroonians should get up from slumber and let 11th February be celebrated by all and sundry as a Plebiscite day where both Francophones and Anglophones can come out in their numbers and celebrate the real meaning of their history, the foundation of their unity and existence. This is the only truth and the only way 11th February could be celebrated if not history shall judge us all.


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