The BIR was not designed to fight wars- Former Student Leader

The BIR was not designed to fight wars- Former Student Leader
Former University of Buea Students’ Union Leader- UBSU, Mr Suh Remmy, President,  Faculty of Arts Students Association, UB and currently working as a United Nations (UN) official in Israel, had this to say. Hear him:
“Cameroonians are going through much from Boko Haram, and it pains much because we are losing our fellow citizens by the day in a war that was transported into our territory from neighboring Nigeria. Some pundits say Paul Biya is the one who changed the battleground from Nigeria to Cameroon when he declared war against the terror group from France. BIR, the elite military in the country have championed this course to protect us. We applaud their bravery and we encourage them to continue”
He continues….

” For the past months, we have suffered much human casualties, especially as top rankings are falling to the insurgents. Captain Matute bowed out, Captain Yari yielded, and now Lt. Colonel Kwene was sent home. These brave soldiers should be appreciated for putting their lives for us to have peace.” The recent targeting of top rankings has kept me worried and has pushed me to ask these questions:
 1. Are we winning this war when we are losing the leaders?
 2. Is Boko Haram more than the BIR?
 3. Can we say that the BIR  has done much, but lacks war tactics, especially as we are losing the leaders?
 4. Why was the BIR created?
 5. Are they doing a different assignment from their creation?

Let me attempt an answer.

The BIR was created by Paul Biya to terrorize Cameroonians against any bid to  Biya’s life mandate. They were not designed to face an opponent in a war situation. Now they find themselves doing what they were not trained. That is why we have leaders being targeted and many of their comrades are killed every day. It will take the BIR some time to understand war tactics. As of now, they are inexperienced….”

Do you concur with Remmy? Do you think BIR or Cameroun military lacks the know-how to take on Boko Haram or any other foreign attack? What happened then to the War in Bakassi? Pundits say Cameroun was already losing the war in Bakassi and it took only the ingenuity of both leaders from Cameroun and Nigeria to settle for a court case to avoid more lost of lives?
May the fallen soldiers rest in peace.
God is still saying something.

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