The Cameroons Creed

The Cameroons Creed
We believe in the fall of Paul Biya,
the dictator almighty of Cameroon,
promoter of corruption. Destroyer of the Republic Economy.
We believe in the failing words of Paul Biya .
He was conceived by the power of the evil spirit
and born from the souls of Ahidjo and France.
He enjoys under the sufferings of the Cameroons people,
he has crucified, blocked and buried the aspirations and development of the Cameroons people. He would be descended into hell after his office, on the right day, he shall be judged, sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Cameroons people shall ascend into a new regime to smile again after his reign, they shall be treated with love, dignity and patriotism by the new Peoples’ President.
All Cameroonians whether Anglophones and Francophones shall be seated at the table of equality.
We believe in the peoples’ power , the  blessings of the fore parents,
the communion and the rise of all souls killed by the Biya regime,
the forgiveness of all those who participated in Biya’s regime, but the punishment of Biya’s disciples according to the law,  the resurrection of a new Cameroon,  and blessings from God almighty to safeguard the people from another Biya.
By Bara Mark, 21st May 2016.
Copy Rights Reserved

NB: Inspiration from the Catholic Creed.

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