Only a Change in the Political Structure Can be the solution- Teacher

Dear Comrades,

We cannot take off federalism from the table. Let us all be reminded that the battle for the GCE board was also as difficult and deadly. Minister Mabelle Mbappe acting in the same manner like Minister Fame Ndongo said only over his dead body will that happen.

With the resilience and the determination of anglophones at the time, we had the GCE board. But because anglophones held little or no political power the GCE board soon started facing asphyxiation by francophones in Yaoundé. Before we knew it the GCE board was forced to accommodate francophone examinations of probatoire, Baccalaureate, and others. In effect the GCE board is doing just about one-third of it should have been doing for anglophones in the domain of evaluation and certification.

Let’s us not fool ourselves, whatever Yaoundé gives us now under pressure and without a change to the political structure of this country is temporary. We cannot leave this battle for our children else posterity will style is anathema. An education council for the English speaking system of education in this same context of unitary state is just a joke.

Let us be strong and correct the errors of our fore fathers now. France has a grip on our educational system as she does on our resources this battle is bigger than many of us see it. We need to open our eyes.

Teacher, Bamenda

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