Tikum Mbah Apologises To Southern Cameroonians

Dr. Tikum Mbah Azonga apologises for the NW/SW Divide.

He was responding to the response BaretaNews published yesterday written by Barrister Charles Taku. Within the last days, Dr. Tikum has come under serious attack on social media. Social media has done its job. Now we shall let love to lead and rest the attacks on Dr. Tikum. It is an example that the people of Southern Cameroons shall not welcome any hate or divide amongst them. I use this opportunity to thank Dr. Tikum for this mark of humility and may God continue to bless his efforts. You may read his response below:


I have read the explanation the learned Barrister of the International Court has published as a follow up to my post on the NorthWest/SouthWest demography and would like to wholeheartedly thank him for taking out the time to educate me on the issue which he obviously understands better than I do, being an insider. I thank him for his patience and perseverance. I must confess that he has said a lot of things which I did not know before and that his clarification is a whole lesson to me on the matter.

Barrister Taku refers to me as his friend, which is true, because we have known each other for a long time and have a lot of respect for each other. If he can take out his time to explain things to me in such great detail and with such salient and pertinent examples, then I ought to listen to him.

I take this opportunity to unreservedly say I am sorrow to anyone this post must have offended.

Tikum Mbah Azonga, PhD.

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10 thoughts on “Tikum Mbah Apologises To Southern Cameroonians

  1. iis good to love one another and educat our children and sent them to school to laern peace and good education

  2. Tayoung

    Great mark of humility indeed!

  3. Malis

    Indeed, very great humility and honesty.

  4. That is the right you just did. Now it is sufficing to know that the Anglophones are determine to their course.

  5. Sirri

    Thanks Dr Tikum by your humility we are also learning humility. I withdraw those insult I thrown on you.

  6. Takor, Enow

    Although one of your critics, I take off my hat to you, Dr. Tikum for your great hallmark of intellectual maturity. As philosophy teaches us, there is no finality in knowledge; developments occur daily that may cause us to change our positions/perspectives on any given subject

  7. Mukong

    While it is commendable that Dr. Tikum was able to accept his failure to master our history, his article should serve as a warning to all of us that most of our history has been distorted to suit the narratives of colonizers. If someone of the educational status of Dr. Tikum can obfuscate an aspect of Southern Cameroon history in such a reckless manner with out consideration of the xenophobia it can unleash, then I think this should give us a better understanding of the damage that has been done to a generation of Southern Cameroonians that were born from the time of the presidency of Lucifer Ahidjo and Biya. This should serve as an example that we need to double our efforts to educate our youths and some adults who still cannot see beyond the fact that this journey we have embarked upon has less to do with Biya and the Beti/Ewondo cpdm crime syndicate and more to do with the french leeches. And like stated by Mola Lisinge , I paraphrase, the french leeches as part of the United Nation will do all to frustrate our aspirations as long as Biya the stooge is a live.

  8. Bali Nyonga

    If someone has shown you who he is, believe him. Dr Tikum Mbah Azonga has shown us who he is. He apparently slapped a giant in this struggle with his article and got bruised. I believe that a person like him is dangerous. If he has information that will cripple this struggle for his own benefit, I believe he will share with lrc.
    This struggle is for everyone especially people like him to have the opportunity in a fair system to exploit their full potential. He is one of ours and we will still accept him when we get to Buea even if he continues to try to undermine the struggle.

  9. Takor, Enow

    We have forgiven Tikum Mbah Azonga this time around, but if he continues to fret with our struggle for the restoration of our national sovereignty, we will be less forgiving next time. He is already undertaking another step to undermine our struggle by suggesting to his bosses in the LRC regime to organize a conference of Cameroonians in the diaspora to hold in Yaoundé, which will do no good except give the butchers of Yaoundé a false platform to boast that boast that they are doing everything to resolve the crisis, which in essence, is an attempt to undermine our on going struggle against that brutal regime. As a foot note, I have to inform this audience that Tikum Mbah Azonga is not in good standing with all the Ambazonia professors at the University of Buea, because they have questioned his Ph.D. credential, which he received from some less known French institution. He might using his writings to undermine our struggle as a vendetta against those professors.

  10. Atem Bakia

    Dr. Azonga’s is an example of a conditional surrender and we can now eat with him with a very long spoon, now that he has temporarily retrieved his knife from our back.

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