Today’s Updates: We shall march to Buea on 1st October 2017

Good Morning Southern Cameroonians.

Yesterday Restoration Ghost Towns were superb across the counties in Southern Cameroons. After we sent a powerful message on 20th May boycott, our people still got up on Monday with our normal kontry Sunday. It is now a law in our land. For six months now we have been consistent with our Ghost Towns, we understand it is not an easy task on our people, but it is the necessary price we must pay so that all aspect of our society is touched if we must share the good pain to freedom. It has also not been easy with many violators but we can satisfactorily say the struggle is on course.

We want to use this opportunity to congratulate the people of Southern Cameroons for the show of unity in boycotting 20th May, from Southern to Northern zones in Southern Cameroons, you succeeded once again to tell the colonialist regime that we identify as Southern Cameroonians and not the destructive tags of NW/SW, we are one people bound by the common desire to free our homeland from 56 years of annexation. History will take note of this and the betrayals of our struggle shall be documented and studied in our history books. We would immortalised and praised our heroes/heroines while shaming the betrayals with their photos/counties in our books and through out our generation.

Tomorrow, our leaders and people go to court. Since December 2016, when our people were arrested, abducted and taken up to Yaoundé, we have been consistent in calling for their release. The international community have written on a number of cases and the regime still remain adamant. Let it be known that this struggle will not enter into any constructive phase so far as our leaders and people are still in chains. The resistance will continue. We hope la Republique will show some signs of good faith by releasing all our people and give room for genuine Dialogue with a third party less the masquiza movement will only increase.

Yesterday, we also learned that President Paul Biya again appointed colonial DOs over our territory. This time around, he succeeded in increasing the number of Anglophones within our territory to 40 percent, a 70 percent increase from previous administrators- a blindfolded move to make our people think more Anglophones are now administrators. However, in a normal setting, this still falls short and shows signs of marginalisation. But, we are above that level now, we do not want colonial administrators over our land. We reject them and declared that they do not represent the people of Southern Cameroons. They represent Paul Biya, the chief colonial master. The struggle has never been about appointments. It is about restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons.

This morning, we also learned that there has been a mixed control of strange black security men probably from the north, arresting and molesting our people in Mile 17 Buea. The government has not given up. The colonial rule continues. Yes, these are issues strange to our culture. We were warned.

We maintain our call for Southern Cameroonians to boycott Amour Mezam and send it out of business from Southern Cameroons. That bus agency has been a thorn to our struggle. We continue to encourage our people to take on different buses for their destinations. Let us use our strength to collectively shame Amour Mezam.

The civil disobedience will continue and it will escalate on all facets. The ungovernability of Southern Cameroons will soon reached its apex. Attacks will come from all forces both spiritual, technological and otherwise until the United Nations hear our case.

Have faith my people. Believe in the struggle and have hope that by October 1st 2017, we shall all march to Buea and sing freedom songs.

We continue to call for the release of our people.
#FreeBalla #FreeFontem #FreeMancho #FreeAyah #FreeAllArrested #FreeSouthernCameroons.

Mark Bareta
From Bui County
Southern Cameroons
Follow the struggle and not individuals

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6 thoughts on “Today’s Updates: We shall march to Buea on 1st October 2017

  1. marvis nyuydze

    I also pray all our people should be release and we live in our REPUBLIC OF AMBAZONIA as one and a happy family.

  2. Abang

    Optimism shall be our power and we are so happy to be in this state even without in a physical battle. Together we shall succeed and we also pray for our leaders in prison.

  3. Takor, Enow

    Well written; thanks for your selfless service to our cause and our country, Southern Cameroons. We shall overcome the colonial rule of the francophone under the master thug and butcher, paul biya, and have our independence and national sovereignty restored. If we are going to die as a people, let us do so standing on our feet, instead of on our knees!

  4. George

    Let us not forget our true heroes. We shall succeed.

  5. Titiahonjo Glen

    God being our helper we must sing the freedom song in Buea. Our God is a God of Justice and justice must prevail. Alota continua

  6. Malis

    We must take up arms, this is the only way out.

    So long as they got arms and we’re just there talking, they don’t have a reason to change their behavior. Every behavior is a function of the consequence that follows. The moment they know we are armed and serving consequences accordingly, their mind starts changing for now their life are in danger.

    Nor matter how many weapons and arrogance an entity carries the moment they register they too can be gun down, their minds and behavior start changing. We must give all those fighting against us consequences.

    I’m praying and waiting for that day when arms will be available to us for finally we will see for real who is who.

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